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Howdy folks! An update on the progress of the group verification work: • net.clojars.<username> groups are now available to all • net|org.clojars.<username> groups are automatically verified • logging in via GitHub now auto-verifies (and claims, if they don't already exist) com|io.github.<gh-username> • badges marking verified groups are now sprinkled throughout the app (see screenshots below) Next up I'll be working on adding "log in via GitLab" and the corresponding groups for that.


Thank you, @tcrawley! So nice to see four of those green "verified" badges after I login!


How are "Your Groups" ordered? I can see that "Your Projects" is alphabetical but I cannot figure out the order for groups. Maybe it could be verified first and then alphabetical?


My pleasure @seancorfield! I believe they are unordered, so would default to ordered by db id/creation. It would be straightforward to remedy that though. I'll look now.