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What’s going on here?

21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi INFO [oz.core:425] - input: /tmp/8be58180-75c4-4b19-9c93-21a3cb728d24197201720715894158.vl.json
21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi INFO [oz.core:426] - output: /tmp/916168d5-fb17-4525-9b7f-2c81472168694982888235139343259.png
21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi ERROR [oz.core:435] - Problem creating output
21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi ERROR [oz.core:436] -
21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi ERROR [oz.core:689] - Unable to execute static embed
21-03-05 15:39:10 raspberrypi ERROR [oz.core:690] -
                clojure.main.main   40
                clojure.main/main       main.clj:  616
                clojure.main/main       main.clj:  664
            clojure.main/null-opt       main.clj:  542
          clojure.main/initialize       main.clj:  508
            clojure.main/init-opt       main.clj:  477
         clojure.main/load-script       main.clj:  475
                     user/eval140      REPL Input
              tempplot.core/-main       core.clj:  162
              tempplot.core/-main       core.clj:  167
           tempplot.core/-main/fn       core.clj:  180
                  oz.core/export!       core.clj:  883
                  oz.core/export!       core.clj:  888
It’s a simple oz/export spec "bla.html"


Thanks for bringing this up @grazfather. Would you please raise an issue over at so I can take a look at this? I think I know what's going on here: Oz now tries to embed a static rendering of the visualization in the output. However, I think by default it tries to render as png via the vega-lite cli (for vl2png and friends; png because it won't get bloated with lots of data, like svg). However, that means you need to have the vega-lite npm module installed for that to work. If you don't, it may error out as above. However, it really . If _shouldn't_. Unless png` rendering is explicitly requested, it should fallback to darkstar for rendering (graal compiled vega!). This is actually a great first contribution if anyone is interested in hacking on it. If not, I'll try to tackle this late next week.


Thanks again!


actually, I have vega-lite, vega-cli, and vega installed. An earlier error bailed saying that I need to install them


I will doublle check if they are installed correctly and file an issue


Ah; I see. Thanks for the update.


Are you sure the vega visualization renders using the live-view (or on the vega-editor site)?


It's possible this is specific to a particular visualization if the cli is on a different version of the vega libs


libpython-clj has a new feature I am excited about - These namespaces are safe to AOT and do not auto-call initialize! any more but rather calling them when python hasn't been initialized throws a nice exception. They also 'require' a lot faster than 'require-python' as the metadata generation has already happened.

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Daniel Slutsky22:03:32

Hi! We are having our monthly Clojure data science discussion: It would be great to come there, read, and comment about your hopes and opinions. Probably, responses will accumulate gradually during the next few days.