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I plan to cut 2.0.0 Alpha 3 "soon", now that I've incorporated @camsaul’s "smarter" where/having and merge variants into the 2.x branch (and got all of his additional tests working -- although I still need to update the where/having docs to reflect that). Are there particular things in this list of open issues that folks would like to see in Alpha 3 (vs a later milestone)? My goal is to hit Beta 1 in late March/early April which would be the signal that the API will no longer change in any breaking ways (and all subsequent changes would be purely accretive/fixative). Beta 1 will also signal that the documentation is "complete" insofar as every feature is documented and all public functions have docstrings. I anticipate the documentation continuing to improve well beyond the point of "completion". Feel free to add comments to issues you care strongly about so I can get a sense of what my priorities should be for Alpha 3. Oh, and Alpha 3 will be published as com.github.seancorfield/honeysql but not as seancorfield/honeysql.


Thre's a lot of good things in that issues list


hard to choose 😉


If I was to order them from a functional POV (rather than documentation or project POV), I suppose: #292, #284, #301, #297, #277, #306, #280, #303, #278.


(slight postgresql bias there 😉 )


@dharrigan Can you add comments to those indicating your priorities, so I have them on record?


Or at least do a "thumbs up" on them.


ah, on github


Then I'll tackle issues that seem to have the most "votes" etc.


kk nae problemo!