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🙏 Pls help me test the new, compile-time check of query validity in Fulcro, especially if you have any non-trivial app (already tested on RAD-demo) - simply change your fulcro dependency to {:git/url "", :sha "dae6a795eee6fcc5e6bb3df9872b54f26b980fd6"} (which is latest Fulcro develop + 1 commit) and restart shadow-cljs (if you are running the backend, you can likely leave it be, this change is only relevant for the frontend). Share whether it works for you! 🙏 To test, add eg an empty {} into a query. (Beware - the check doesn't work for queries inside lambdas)


You can also add to your deps.edn this alias

:aliases {:jh/fulcro {:override-deps {com.fulcrologic/fulcro {:git/url "", :sha "dae6a795eee6fcc5e6bb3df9872b54f26b980fd6"}}}
and then activate it in shadow-cljs.edn :
{:deps {:aliases [:dev :test :jh/fulcro]} ...


You don’t have to modify shadow-cljs.edn, you can just add -A:jh/fulcro at the command line shadow-cljs -A:jh/fulcro server

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I can confirm this does not break a project that has 60kloc. One minor improvement, which I’ll mention in the issue