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I am new to programming. I have started to learn C++ and even some python My background is Economics. I have strong quantitative background (Math and Econ) and I know STATA. In general, I would like to use programming (1) for ML/AI in economics topics+other utilities such as webcraping, and other data driven analyses (2) for it, fintech matchmaking platforms In particular, I just recently discovered I love programming. I am old (35) as a beginner but I have set a goal to become a fully capable programmer by 40...Hopefully I can learn 2 languages well enough by then. If jobs opportunities are present then, I can switch careers although I still like my career path. I could always use my programming skills for either my job, a start up, or become a full-fledge prgrammer. Online research has led me to think that Clojure might be an excellent language to focus on because they say it is an excellent for rapid development (If I want to use it for a start up, lone developer), data-driven (econ and ML), and provide a path to be a great programmer. My Apprehension is that Clojure doesn't seem widely used so might issues with doing ML projects with few libraries (compare to Python for ex), and future job prospects, etc... Anyway, I welcome any insights/advice, tips. Thanks in advance, Baye


Check out (post in) Zulip is where Clojure DS is really discussed. There are several more specific streams, but the one above will get you pointed in the right direction.


I think clojure is based on JVM, in other words, it is over Java. And Java is commonly used in financial systems. So my opinion is that clojure is a good programming language for fintech. By the way, I come from computer science background, and I like fintech also. If you have any suggestions on how to grow from CS background to economy? Thanks.


I am an economist not a fintech expert per se but I would suggest just browsing the financial times, the Economist (Newspapers) for new fintech firms, especially in the developing will be surprised to found out these companies do a variety of things which require very different backgrounds. Search for fintech in Kenya, there is a lot of info. Hope this helps.