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@borkdude hey, what's the best way to disable all/most linting in (comment) blocks? 🙂 If that's possible…


:skip-comments true


Also you can use #_{:clj-kondo/ignore [:redefine-var]} (comment ...) for more selectively ignoring things

🙏 3

Also getting a weird issue (we think): warning: unresolved namespace clojure.string. Are you missing a require? Getting this when we're just using a qualified fn directly like (clojure.string/upper-case "hi")… same with cognitect.rebl/submit and seemingly all other non-required forms 🙂


Obviously I'm missing something bigger hehe


yes, you need to require those namespaces. relying on other namespaces loading them for you is bad practice


Got it, figured we were doing something non-best-practice :thumbsup:


Btw, we're building something pretty cool on top of clojure/pathom/datomic called (, would love to show it to you some time later next year and get your spontaneous input if you'd be interested. Seems pretty likely that we'll use sci heavily to run our internal "workflows" or "processes", whatever we end up calling them 🙂 PS. The website has been recently stripped down to not talk too much about what we're really building, so don't be fooled if it feels a bit uninspiring hehe


Also going on a European tour next year to meet up with interesting people (most clojure & rust devs and designers). so would love to pop by Amersfort on our way and say hi, and buy you a beer or two as thanks for your awesome work 😄 🍺


the plan was originally to do it 6 months ago, but alas #corona


Thanks! Would be cool :)


Cool, I'll start a new chat together with my Fluent-colleague @U06B8J0AJ to continue chatting over the months (so I won't have to be a go-between) 🙂


I name a new (?) term HeisenLint for linter errors that appear in the background or in peripheral vision, and then mysteriously disappear when you look directly at them (cf HeisenBug). Just had one of those now, named it "Errorus Inssuficientinputus". There is an entire taxonomy of these things of course.