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Trung Dinh10:09:45

hi, I’m trying reframe starting from this lein template , after doing lein new re-frame acme +cider and try doing cider-jack-in-cljs , seems that shadow can’t pick the build name (:app) and I got cryptic error, any idea please?


Does anyone know a trick for seeing what symbols are interned into REPL memory in a CIDER session?


is there a way to get the nrepl session id of the focused repl window? i've found cider-describe-nrepl-session but that asks you to choose among sessions. I just want to know the session used by the current repl window. 2 sessions pop up and if I send commands with one session id it affects the current repl, but if I send to the other it doesn't


Does sesman-info show you the information you need? It will show me what buffers/directories each cider session is linked to.


Default key looks like it's C-c C-s i


sesman-browser at C-c C-s w has the same information but it's not in the mini buffer.


I'm looking specifically for the nrepl session ID. sesman doesn't do that as far as I can tell


You see two session in the describe command, as one is the evaluation session and the other is the tooling session (used internally by CIDER). They should be denoted differently when you select them.


if there's a connection to a project using clj&cljs there's 6 options