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Daniel Slutsky15:09:45

A reminder about the Clojure in Geography meeting this Saturday:

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If we have potential questions, comments, items to discuss, is there a topic/thread we might add them to, for consideration, beforehand?

Daniel Slutsky15:09:41

@U07TTE6RH good idea. This Zulip topic thread is a good place for that: You may wish to mention (@) the Will and Zach in your message there.


I like the poster! So professional.


Neanderthal 0.37.0 released! Clojure fast vector, matrix, & linear algebra library. Now automatically detects Apple's OpenCL platform and work around the bugs in the driver. This work is funded by 2 books! Subscribe at and read 500 pages that are already available now.

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Scicloj meeting 13: Machine Learning in Clojure is now available on YouTube. Learn about, fastmath, Weka, clj-ml, Geni and Apache Spark from three presentations. Contains live REPL programming!

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