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Last evening had a nice session with Oz, doing some coding to interpolate input values given a list of points defining a curve, hacking and spitting results one at a time into vega-lite specs and viewing them in browser via Oz.

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No real point here, just wanted to say out loud that this stuff works nicely 🙂

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Daniel Slutsky13:09:33

Creating a good UX can be hard. It is great to hear that Oz succeeds in that, again and again. @U05100J3V

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Many thanks for the feedback @viesti 🙏 Glad it's working out for you 🙂


New release 0.20.0! Deep Learning for Programmers book. Ahead of new chapters, this is the update of the existing text that matches Deep Diamond (which has seen lots of new work!). Please subscribe, get the new drafts, and support my libs.

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