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curious line from the book that's throwing me for a loop: "A server mutation is always allowed to return a value. Normally the only value that makes sense is temporary ID remappings" isn't it a very common use case to register a user through a mutation and do something with the returned user id/token? fulcro-template follows this pattern too afaict


of course. It’s a very old sentence that was written before I think even mutation joins existed in EQL….I’ll touch it up.


Is there a way to add more readers (not resolvers) to RAD’s parser/new-parser? I’ve tried a couple of things but it didn’t work (ended up just copying the new-parser and parser-arg source

Josh Wood19:09:53

I'm new to Fulcro and am starting the process of creating a Fulcro/Pathom application with a MSSQL db. Has anyone here successfully connected a MSSQL server to a Pathom parser via next.jdbc and the /env-wrap-plugin function?... I am able to get initial connection outside of the parser with jdbc/get-connection, however, when trying to implement inside the parser I can't see said connection in Fulcro Inspect..

Josh Wood20:09:56

I have not. I'll look into it now. On first glance though I'd rather not use alpha technology if at all possible. Fulcro's template gives a little indication on how to implement what I'm trying to do with Datomic

Josh Wood20:09:22

**but it isn't translating into other db option for me really

Michael W20:09:08

I’m not saying you should use it, but it is an example of how to use fulcro with a sql database.

Josh Wood20:09:41

I see. Thanks, Micheal 👍


Thanks to the initial work of @mdhaney and the continued polishing by @tylernisonoff we now have Datomic Cloud support in the RAD Datomic adapter. I’ve released version 1.0.0 of fulcro-rad-datomic, and the fulcro-rad-demo now has a datomic-cloud branch that demonstrates the support.

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There is a work-in-progress of a kv-store database adapter by @cjmurphy here: The intention is for this to be all of the boilerplate you’d need to be able to add a RAD adapter to any key-value store (e.g. Redis, Mongodb, Firebase, etc.). I have not fleshed out the front-end interfacing, so at the moment this would only be usable on the back-end, but future plans include a client-side multiplexer that can send reads/writes over different remotes in order to talk to microservices or directly to databases on the client side (instead of having to go through a server)

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I just released RAD 1.0.2 and RAD SUI 0.0.14-alpha. I added support for a :picker style on attributes that allows you to use ao/computed-options to populate dropdowns with well-know options that you already know. You can combine this with form :on-change to get cascading dropdowns that do not require server interactions (technically you could load the next set of options, but that’s even more advanced). So, for example, things like U.S. states that you want to store as two-letter strings are now easy to just hard-code into the attribute.

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The SUI renderer supports this option on attributes of type string/int/instant…most primitive types