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Michael W16:09:51

I just got a new mac from work and I cannot run bb, it tells me it’s an unknown developer. Any work around?

Michael W16:09:07

Got this working by turning off gatekeeper, (sudo spctl --master-disable) then running bb, and turning gatekeeper back on (sudo spctl --master-enable).


Cool. Maybe this should be documented in the README?


I think you can alternatively use sudo xattr -d path-to-bb

Michael W17:09:08

I actually downloaded it manually I did not realize there was a brew for it. Testing brew now to see if I have the same issue. New to mac so I just did what I do on linux.

Michael W17:09:24

Yeah my manual download is what caused the problem. I think the readme is good, it does not happen using brew which is your recommended way to install it. I should have read the readme


@kari.marttila Your blog post is now featured on the front page of HN :)

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Kari Marttila17:09:58

Heh, I'm a dinosaur, what's HN? 🙂


Hacker News

Kari Marttila17:09:05

Aah... I try to find it. 🙂

Kari Marttila17:09:36

At Metosin they didn't believe that I don't play video games. 🙂 (Actually I started playing video games last spring.) I don't use Twitter. I guess I'm a bit of a dinosaur. 🙂

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I also don't play video games, I like playing with Clojure better ;)

Kari Marttila17:09:02

Heh, me too! 🙂 My kids are already adults and I have a lot of free time - nice to study Clojure, do these exercises and write blogs in my study room.

Kari Marttila17:09:34

I see it! The news is at #10.

Kari Marttila17:09:02

Thanks for telling me, you made my day. 🙂


Kind of off topic, but after 55 years of not playing video games, a few hours ago my mum became addicted to Beat Saber, a VR (virtual reality) game

Michaël Salihi21:09:36

Hi BB team! After reading this article, when I saw the code, I couldn't help but think it was perfect for an Babashka usage. So here is the gist:

Michaël Salihi21:09:04

#!/usr/bin/env bb

(require '[clojure.string :refer [split]])
(require '[ :refer [writer reader]])
(require '[clojure.pprint :refer [print-table]])

(def file-location (System/getenv "TODO_LOCATION"))

(defn now [] (new java.util.Date))

(defn add-content
  "appends content to todo file"
  [file-location text-content]
  (with-open [file (writer file-location :append true)]
    (.write file (str text-content "\t" (now) "\n"))))

(defn print-helper
  "Converts line content to a row obj"
  (let [[todo created_at] (split line-content #"\t")]
    {:todo todo :created_at (or created_at "UNKNOWN")}))

(defn read-content
  "reads content from todo file"
  (with-open [file (reader file-location)]
    (let [file-content (slurp file)]
       (map print-helper
            (split file-content #"\n"))))))

(let [args *command-line-args*]
  (when (nil? file-location)
    (throw (AssertionError. "empty $TODO_LOCATION")))
  (case (first args)
    "a" (do
          (add-content file-location (second args))
          (read-content file-location))
    "ls" (read-content file-location)
    (println "Choose either a or ls")))


Excellent :) Maybe I should also open source my own TODO app at some point

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