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Does anyone have some experience with running linters remotely using flycheck when in tramp-mode? I'm considering supporting this for clj-kondo: Any input on this is welcome!

Ian Fernandez18:09:32

anyone has confs for fulcro guardrails indentation on emacs?


I've been thinking it would be nice if there were some boxed configuration available that gave you the right indentation and linting (through lsp or kondo) for common libraries. I bet a lot of us have the same settings for the macros in re-frame, compojure, etc.


make a function that does that. make a repo that has the .lsp/config or clj-kondo config, m-x clojure/set-up-kondo just makes a new file and slurps the common shared one in


Yeah, I think it would be very simple to implement. Maybe if I can catch a free day on the upcoming long weekend