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I'd like to get started on this feature soon: Ignoring a warning from clj-kondo on one form at a time. If you have any input on this, feel free to join the discussion.

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some of the code in here: adds inline defs to functions -- along with metadata. it might be relatively easy to adapt / copy-modify the code there to make editor support for adding the "markings" that you decide upon.


Right now I'm thinking of: ^:clj-kondo/ignore for ignoring every warning/error in form. And ^{:clj-kondo/ignore [:invalid-arity]} for ignoring specific linter warnings. Possibly support for fine-grained config: ^{:clj-kondo/config {:linters {:unresolved-symbol {:level :warning}}}} on forms, although I think that's a bit of a stretch and too verbose for this purpose.


those seems sensible. curious whether one could use aliased keywords to shorten things somehow. i guess not without making an alias...


We could also do ^:ignore but that would maybe conflict with other tools