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@jr0cket which linting / formatting tool are you using in your spacemacs.d distribution ? (my colleagues may want to integrate it with their tooling)


I assume it's what ever clojure-mode is using I'll take a look at the Spacemacs Clojure layer when I get to my computer


I cant see any obvious library that CIDER uses for formatting code, it seems to have its own functions for that. The Spacemacs Clojure does not add any formatting tools. If someone is using Calva or Cursive, then formatting should be the same. clj-kondo is used for linting, its far the best tool for this, especially in terms of usability. I dont use others as it just adds complexity without any benefit to me.


If you cant get formatting aligned between the different editors, you could try using as a command line task on the project before doing a commit of code. This would also mean you could use what ever formatting you wanted in the editors and then fix before commits.