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Hi, I run Clojure + ShadowCLJS project via REPL (init via dev.clj). I can call successfully cljs part, but I can’t execute code or ns from cljs’s namespaces, from editor part (SHIFT+CMD+P). How is it possible solve with Cursive?

[:app] Compiling ...
[:app] Build completed. (1381 files, 2 compiled, 0 warnings, 0,59s)
(shadow.cljs.devtools.api/repl :app)


Hmm... My Cursive has suddenly stopped accepting 'X in REPL" commands. It keeps telling me Dependency cycle: time.clj -> time.clj -> time.clj. The same commit is working fine for other people in their Cursives (and the deployed app is testing fine on CI and working fine), so I'm definitely suspecting some sort of local weirdness. Invalidate caches and restart doesn't seem to be fixing it. Any other suggestions?


It also keeps adding /dev as a content root every time I rescan Leiningen projects, and... why?


It's not mentioned anywhere in there...


Ahha, might have found it


I'm seeing an weird behavior when running tests on Cursive, the test markers disappear automatically after a second of running it. it helpers about 60% of the time I run the tests


also sometimes the markers are there, then I scroll and they are gone


yes, same problem


also on cljc files, I didnt tested with clj only