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Hi! Out of curiosity, I created a nRepl server for nodejs using You can find it in npm (`"nrepl-cljs-sci": "0.0.11")` for use as npm dependency, possibly for adding to a JS project. It's also available for CLJS projects on clojars (`org.clojars.viesti/nrepl-cljs-sci {:mvn/version "0.0.11"}` , see the since a bit modified SCI is required for now :)). Basic eval and load-file ops should work :) Happy network repling :)

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Very cool! I’m thinking a bit about what it would take to make this server work with Calva. Today Calva assumes a Clojure nREPL server, which might mainly be a UI thing, but I’m not sure. Do you have some use cases in mind for this? Maybe that would help me wrap my mind around the problem.


I did some hacks to please Cider so that I can make a CLJ cider connection 🙂


Yes, I can make a CLJ cider connection from Calva. But it is a bit confusing. 😃


Cider differentiates cljs and clj buffers, and a I found out that a cljs file cannot be loaded into a CLJ repl, the there's example to use a .cljc file 🙂


don't know if Calva has same limitation 🙂


It’s funny, but Calva has the exact same limitation. I don’t know why, but maybe the idea about a CLJS nREPL server was too crazy to even consider.

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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp with awesome news 🎉 I'd like to thank you @borkdude for the help on #babashka and #clj-kondo side making it possible to clojure-lsp now understands babashka projects/scripts 🚀 From now on, clojure-lsp will make available completion, rename, find-references and all features you already know work great with bb as well babashka Another huge improvement/refactor on this release is how clojure-lsp lint public unused vars, we now use a new feature from clj-kondo called `custom-lint-fn` where it's possible to "create" its own linter but using clj-kondo features, giving the possibility to ignore this linter via code 🎉 Also this improves performance and open other possibilities to other clojure-lsp features 👀 For more information and details, check #lsp clojure-lsp

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FYI the LSP emoji is unreadable on dark mode and I wasn't sure what this announcement was about until I hovered over the parens at the beginning 😛

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Thanks, I actually forgot to add clojure-lsp after the released facepalm and slack doesn't allow me to edit the message anymore


Oh, managed to edit :)