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Q: anyone else seeing the test assertion markers not working for cljc tests? @cfleming


Not that I know of, no.


happy to log a bug for this


could be specific to my setup/versions


test runs, repl output is correct. green markers appear in gutter and then disappear


so I can’t access the “difference” feature for failures


Thanks for all your amazing work on Cursive — it’s been nearly bulletproof for years! A lingering mystery: On macOS, I have “Cmd-Shift-L” mapped to “Load File in REPL” — which works great, but for years, I’ve been wondering why if I have any text selected, it opens up a Safari browser window, with whatever I have highlighted as a search term. I don’t have Cmd-Shift-L accelerator set anywhere else in IntelliJ (see screenshot) — and if I have it as a shortcut in macOS somewhere, but I can’t find it.. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions? Thanks, all!

Jeff Evans20:08:27

wow, small world. I had the exact same mapping and issue. check here (it’s the Search with Google one):

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Holy cow! Thank you so much!! I’ve been searching for this for years!!! I’ll finally be able to stay in REPL-flow, as opposed to disgruntled “close Safari window AGAIN”!! 🙂

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Joe R. Smith20:08:40

haha, I've experienced this for years as well and have just lived with it. Thanks!