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hello @jon693, currently integrating the full pathom viz isn't a trivial task, but if you wanna give a go you can use this file as a base (this is how its integrated in the Electron app):


I hope to make this a simpler task in the future, but a lot of refactoring is required for that


that said, there are a few parts of Pathom Viz that are simple to integrate, those are: - the trace view - the node graph for those you can use Pathom Viz embed, which is something you integrate kinda like you would put a youtube video embed in a page


there is some example code to wrap those as react components at the pathom 3 docs source:


thanks @U066U8JQJ, this is just the info I needed. I think it's a bit larger of an undertaking to take on at the moment then I was hoping. I'll use the electron app for now.


Loving this workflow and the pathom-viz tool though FYI. Awesome work

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