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Quick question: How to configure user defined functions to be shown in "function color"? i.e. How to render foo in same color as inc inc

Mario C.14:08:32

I'd like to know this as well. I know it will work if you import the foo function into another namespace. But within the same namespace it does not register it. Also, what theme are you using?


I'm using doom-palenight.


You can put the cursor on the character whose color you want to change and run M-x describe-face.


Thanks, will try that tomorrow.


If it doesn’t seem like the correct face is being applied at all that’s probably because clojure-mode’s font locking is very conservative: > Precise font-locking requires additional data that can obtained from a running REPL (that’s how CIDER’s works) or from static code analysis. > —


You may need to use to get the behavior you want.