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Hi all, We are not going to have talks in August as many people are away for the summer holidays (for those lucky enough to live in a place where there is a "summer"). We will be back in September with a *fantastic line-up of speakers and talks*: - Eric Dallo - clojure-lsp - - Maur铆cio Szabo - Spock (Prolog in Clojure) - - Christian Weilbach - Daphne (Probabilistic Programming) - - Wilker Lucio - Pathom 3 - - Paulo Feodrippe - Recife (model checker) - - Chris Badahdah - Portal - We are also planning re:Clojure our free to attend virtual conference in December, so stay tuned, more to come at the

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Thanks for positing it here :thumbsup: 馃搯


There's a typo in the link, it should be


Thank you for posting this! Please let me know if you have any feedback on the book!


Thank you more for the book @U066SA9V2 I won鈥檛 hesitate to do so 馃檹

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The meetup link seems broken, it doesn't find the group on meetup, says the page doesn't exist