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Joe R. Smith00:07:46

I'm running Intellij 2021.1.3 and Cursive 1.10.3-eap2-2021.1, but have been seeing weird printing behavior for several versions of both intellij and cursive now on a clean install on a new Mac Mini M1 running MacOS 11.4. It only happens with nREPL local repls: What's even weirder is I have a friend w/ an M1 Mac, fresh install, no issues. It seems to be an nrepl configuration issue, but I don't know where that lives (I don't have a ~/.nrepl or anything like that I've configured).


If you go to Preferences | Editor | Code Style, what do you see in your right margin settings?

Joe R. Smith16:07:57

I don't see a right margin setting, but these settings are identical to my other computers (which don't exhibit this issue):


I think the problem is the “Hard wrap at 0” setting, looks like they’ve renamed that. If you set that to, say, 120, does that help?

Joe R. Smith01:07:46

That fixed it! That's weird though, I have it set to 0 on my other computer and it also works fine. Thanks!!


Hmm, honestly I don’t see how it could work with that set to 0, although to be honest the code style stuff is so complex now that it’s super confusing - it’s possible there’s some language-specific override somewhere? Not sure.

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