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Hello Everyone, I am Abhishek from Warsaw Poland :flag-pl:. I work in automotive industry 🚙. I develop automated driving solutions during the day :camera_with_flash:. I dream:thinking_face: of one day being able to launch my own Software business 💱. I have no idea about web applications! The thought of having to learn & master HTML, javascript, CSS, Java, typescript, react, angular, kafka, sql, datomic, AWS, etc etc etc etc etc fills me with existential dread 😱. So I spent almost a year researching when I stumbled upon Clojure clojure-spin. I am confident that I'll not have to learn any of the other stuff whence I master clojure(...right?). It had(s?) a very steep learning curve. I am still trying to learn. I keep tarnishing clojure with my systems/electrical/embedded engineering background... and on most days can't find myself in the mire... it is difficult to rid oneself of C/C++ based thinking. But then I stumbled upon clojurians slack and I can read so much of user own experience as well as post my own issues that it almost makes it easy. I thank everyone for indulging me in my silly queries and I look forward to learning from your collective experience.

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Stan Verberkt06:07:52

Welcome! I don’t really know if the learning curve is that steep. In my experience it is much easier to learn clojure than C/C++. To become a master is maybe equally difficult. 🙂


To not OOP after OOP-ing for years is hard... and you try to partition/architect your programs similarly too. Big no-no in Clojure. Thanks for the kind words!

Stan Verberkt08:07:18

Yeah, that’s true, you have to change your mind and think about problems the functional way. Good luck

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