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After updating Neovim (nightly), I noticed an obvious change in the way my Clojure source files are syntax highlighted. This is a shot in the dark, but I think treesitter syntax highlighting for Clojure may be enabled by default now? Very interesting. (I haven't changed anything in my vimrc to enable anything treesitter related.)


My initial impression is that the syntax highlighting provides an overwhelming amount of information now, and I kind of hate it! I'm going to give it some time, though. I think I might just be too accustomed to the sparse syntax highlighting that I've had for years, and the change is a bit jarring.


It's also possible that I'm just very used to my color scheme, and now everything is a different color than what I'm used to.

Noah Bogart04:07:30

Clojure lsp now provides semantic information, which I know coc.nvim picks up and uses. I don't know about other lsp plug-ins or methods

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@dave definitely not enabled by default, there's extra steps. Maybe you got runtime file updates?


Aha! It's likely to be the thing Noah just said, instead.


Yes, my colours have changed too with the latest clojure-lsp



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Noah Bogart14:07:11

If you do use coc.nvim and you want to disable this, look at :help CocSem which will lead you to let g:coc_default_semantic_highlight_groups = 0 in your .vimrc or init.vim


^Yes! That did the trick. Soooo much better. 💯


don't you like semantic highlighting?


(curious, just wondering, as I'm not sure myself)

Noah Bogart14:07:45

i want to like it and hope to use it in the future, but right now I have manually changed some things to better fit my mental model/workflow that the semantic highlighting isn’t doing. for example, i highlight all built-in/core functions in a different color than “normal” functions, and losing that is annoying enough


I like the idea of semantic highlighting. But I'm so used to my existing highlighting at this point, the change is just jarring.


It's like the solution to a problem that I didn't have.


I'm giving it a bit more time


I quite like having the namspaces a different colour, but not sure

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Noah Bogart14:07:37

yeah that’s super cool