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using cider 0.26 when i connect to my shadow-cljs 2.14.5 repl, ( returns only a single entry; that of my jdk installation:

(#object[ 0x1a06dc2d "/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/amazon-corretto-11.jdk/Contents/Home/lib/"])
when i call the same function from the shadow-cljs repl in terminal directly, i get the full classpath i'm expecting to see. how do i go about debugging this? we're using to find ring routes dynamically, and i can't test changes to this code via repl because of this issue.


If you use the dynapath library (directly or indirectly; Orchard bundles it) the classpath can be interfered with See


thanks for this, i'll see if it makes a difference!


it really should, LMK if it doesn't :)


cider-inspector-def-current-val seems to work without doing ins(p)ect or (l)ocals, but it’s only bound to d in *cider-inspect* buffers. Is there a reason it isn’t bound to d as soon you hit a breakpoint?


Hello I am getting A CIDER session with the same connection parameters already exists.. Are you sure you want to create a new session instead of using 'cider-connect-sibling-clj(s)' ? For my clj+cljs project. However when I try the suggested command, it doesn't seems to work - Does this mean that my shadow.cljs and project.clj are not configured correctly?