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Started to browse old PRs just for the nostalgics. This is a gem!


Told you that defun was sweet Paredit legacy, @U01LFP3LA6P ! 😍


Improvements for re-frame reference code lens 🙂

metal 9
Tomas Brejla06:07:35

Tried to upgrade to mentioned version & enable code lens in my calva. It works, but I get a bit different appearance: 1. reg-sub has same color as re-frame (green). Tried switching between a couple different color themes, but both those symbols always share the same color. Is this important difference? 2. the 2 references part doesn't get shown just after the keyword (on the same line), but it's placed on its own line, either just above keyword (if on its own line) or above the whole (re-frame/reg-sub form (if the keyword and re-frame/reg-sub are on the same line). Unfortunately this breaks the visual flow and wasted space. It's a nice feature, but I'd definitely rather have the 2 references part just after the keyword, as shown on ericdallo's screenshot. Any idea what needs to be changed, so that I get the same appearence as on the screenshot?

Tomas Brejla06:07:04

this is how it behaves when the keyword is on the same line as the reg-sub fn

Tomas Brejla07:07:10

Btw it's very handy feature, as it nicely pinpoints if you have some deprecated subscription registered, which is no longer being used anywhere. Neat!


Hello! 1. This is probably related with VSCode syntax highlighting as calva doesn't use semantic tokens yet, check this issue: 2. this is a feature that AFAIK only emacs and vim have as default, showing the code lens at the end of line, not sure if VSCode has it via some flag c/c @U9A1RLFNV @U0ETXRFEW

Tomas Brejla12:07:23

oh, so the screenshot that you posted doesn't come from calva, @UKFSJSM38?


Exactly, it's from emacs/lsp-mode as an example :)


I suggest you open an issue on calva to support that if it doesn't support it already

Tomas Brejla12:07:33

ok, now it makes perfect sense 🙂 funny that those screens look that much similar 😄


Haha yes, dracula theme is cool

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