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Hi, we at are hiring a Clojure Data Engineer. We’re based in the UK but many of our dev team are located in other parts of the globe. The role can be office based in London, remote or a mix of both. There’s no restriction on location for this role, but being able to work UK hours (or most of them) is a requirement. For more details see - or DM me if you have any questions. Thank you!


We’re looking for a Clojurescript developer. Ideally in Austin or New York, but open to remote for the right (senior level) candidate. Less experienced candidates should be in Austin/New York. At Skipp ( , we are building technology to scale design services for Home Renovation (e.g. a new kitchen or bathroom). This hire is to support our User Portal, implemented with Clojurescript, Fulcro, Clojure and Datomic.

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@U0E703ECU Oh nice, you folks are based in Austin? Do you happen to know if there are meetups or something about Clojure happening around?


There is a Clojure meetup. It’s been virtual lately, but used to be in the Capital Factory building downtown. About 500 members, but actual attendance is pretty low. Hopefully they’ll return to in-person, soon… and can get attendance up.


Are you in Austin now. I’m always up for connecting with more Austin Clojurians. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or not, I’d still be up for a connect.


I live very close to the big WholeFoods in North Lamar


Yep-- it’s virtual, despite the address listed. Sam will post a zoom link later today.


@U0E703ECU I’d love to connect regardless, even though I am not looking for a new job. Do you live in downtown as well?


Yea. East Austin, so pretty close. I’ll DM you to figure out some details.

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