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Vincent Cantin04:03:32

Hi. When using a dark background with the rainbow parenthesis bundled in Cursive, the dark blue color is difficult to see, it does not contrast enough with the dark background. Could it be possible to make it less dark?


You can configure these at Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Clojure

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Vincent Cantin04:03:28

Super upper cool, thank you ! sheepy

Vincent Cantin04:03:50

#0000FF -> #7070FF

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Vincent Cantin04:03:30

(The human eye is more sensitive to contrast of luminosity, less to contrast of colors. Blue is the color we perceive the least)

Jordan Robinson10:03:31

when testing, is there any way to open the tooltip or show difference window without having to mouse over the test?

Jordan Robinson10:03:57

I couldn't find a keyboard shortcut or anything but it might be that I couldn't figure out the name

Jordan Robinson10:03:07

ah that's a shame, thanks for the info though

Jordan Robinson11:03:11

ahh okay, so you can actually open the tooltip by binding something to view -> error description in intellij at least

Jordan Robinson11:03:20

but it doesn't show the show difference window

Jordan Robinson11:03:23

I guess that's something


You should be able to click the yellow gutter icon to open the diff.


gutter doesn't work when there is more than one failure on the same line, such as when you use clojure.test/are or clojure.template/do-template

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Is there a way to start an nREPL from IntelliJ and have it spin up figwheel-main? I know you can do it with a clojure.main REPL - but why not with an nREPL? I get a 鈥渘o ack received error鈥 everytime I try

Jeff Evans18:03:30

quite possible that you just need to increase the timeout


Unfortunately that did not do the trick :( What鈥檚 weird is that if I delay when I call (fig/start 鈥渄ev鈥) - then the nREPL connects just fine. `(thread (Thread/sleep 3000) (fig/start 鈥渄ev鈥))`


Actually, just running (fig/start 鈥渄ev鈥) in a separate thread solved it. No need for the delay.