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Hello! We are getting timeouts in this step of codedeploy consistently

aws s3 cp  /home/datomic/.cognitect-s3-libs/.m2/repository --recursive --only-show-errors --exclude * --include crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test/
Is this a known problem?


Update. This issue is resolved in > Improvement: Limit how long to wait for a cluster node to gracefully shutdown.


What's you aproach to doing analytics? Is the out-of-the-box support good enough in your experience or do you use any other ETL tools? Mainly I'm looking for a way to work with datomic data on python

Joe Lane14:03:54

@cuaucortes (assuming Cloud) have you looked at ? (there is a similar entry for on-prem)

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Are the docs ( down for anyone else?


I get the following when I visit that

Joe Lane18:03:23

@futuro Thanks for the heads up, we'll check it out.




Fantastic, thank you 🙂

Rob B22:03:30

Hi there. Can anyone confirm if Datomic will run on Azure and/or any docs/blogs. I've done some googling but didn't find much.

Ørnulf Risnes20:03:33

Can confirm. We run Datomic on-prem in Azure. Both peers and transactor as Azure Container Instances, with Postgresql as backend. Setup running in production since September 2020.