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I’m very new to Crux: just been playing with it since @taylor.jeremydavid gave a talk to Clojure Provo about it — and it addresses several of the issues I had with Datomic (yay!). I have a question about processing query results: is there an idiomatic way to run a transform over query results as they are retrieved? In next.jdbc I would use transduce or reduce over plan to apply a transformation to each row and possibly accumulate results directly as the result set is retrieved from the database. What would be the equivalent in Crux?


Hey @U04V70XH6, welcome 👋 We expose an open-q function which returns a Closeable Iterator of results - idiom is as follows:

(with-open [res (crux/open-q db '{:find ..., :where ...})]
  (->> (iterator-seq res)


I was hoping there was something that exposed a reducible context, but I guess I can wrap open-q up in one (after all, that’s what and next.jdbc do under the hood).


Funnily enough we just opened a PR to add IReduceInit to open-q today 🙂 would that be sufficient?


I'd err on the side of us not merging that PR as it stands, FWIW - but certainly an idea for future API development


an external wrapper to open-q (as opposed to wrapping the result of open-q) would probably be a better shout, as @U04V70XH6 suggested


I mean, wrapping the result works, as the test suggests, but it might not guarantee everything that the next.jdbc equivalents do - particularly, the ability to reduce multiple times over the same plan


If you plan to do resource management via IReduceInit, it should be in charge of opening the resource (as well as closing it) — not just close it at the end.


Since open-q already does the opening of the resource, you can’t make its result directly reducible. You need a wrapper.


Right, yep 🙂


^ the Clojure-Provo talk I gave on Tuesday, referenced above, is now available at AMA :)

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It was a great talk! And it’s why I’m here and playing with Crux 🙂

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