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I found that ~/.gitlibs/_repos/<repo-path>/worktrees/<sha>/gitdir files contain absolute paths to subfolders under ~/.gitlibs/libs/. This seems to result in conflicts when I want to share my ~/.gitlibs between my physical machine (mac) where I conduct most of my dev work and a docker container (linux, different user etc.) which is necessary for a special project I work on. Is there any nice way around this? For now I just let git deps be downloaded every time the container starts. Perhaps I can set up another local gitlibs folder which would be container-only?


I might have just rubber duckie -ed myself using this channel. I can mount different, image/project-specific folders into ~/.gitlibs and .cpcache

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:03:03

You can set the GITLIBS env var to say where the root is


That's good to know, thank you.


There isn't one to override the location of .cpcache though, am I right?


cpcache also has absolute paths