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Does IJ render markdown in the quickdoc window for clojure? I’m not sure if that would fall to the IJ team or to cursive, but it’d be nice to have


No, but I have a plan to do that in the near future.


+1 im backqouting symbols and keywords as a reflex already in docstrings, just like in commit messages...

onetom15:03:59 this bracket highlighting seems to be broken again in IntelliJ 2021.1 Beta... what would be the most effective way to report it to them? new issue on their youtrack and link the previous fix?


Is there a way to have intellij open the diff view as an editor tab?


And now, something completely different: I found that the project-level spelling dictionary doesn't seem to work in my projects. No matter how many times I tell idea to save a word to that dict, the next time I open the project it's gone. Is this a problem with - me (probably) - cursive - idea ?


i was just about to look into how this is handled, because i want to share via version control some of the spellings. it's very sad if i can't do that 🙂


Let me know how you get on. I'm hoping the error is on my side.

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