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Vincent Cantin04:07:12

It would be nice if the Clojure-specific constants like ##Inf would appear in the auto-completion list.


I haven't been able to evaluate expressions in Cursive for a while (when stopping at a break point). Is there a solution for that?


You can set a break-point for one thread only instead of for all. But eval expression (alt-f8) should work even though there are some limitations.


@U1G0HH87L What happens when you do?


I can evaluate "123" but not "(+ 1 2 3)" (or any other expression) @U0567Q30W.


It works now, thanks!

Michael Cohen18:07:28

Trying to create a new Remote Clojure REPL configuration but seeing this error "No modules containing clojure.main found"....any ideas?


you can fix that by selecting a project/module from the “Project” drop-down list.

Michael Cohen18:07:28

the project dropdown list is....empty

Michael Cohen18:07:54

not sure why, i have added a Leiningen module to the project


it sounds like cursive was unable to recognize your project as a leiningen project.

Michael Cohen18:07:55

hmm....i see these in the event log

11:43 AM	Dependency resolution error
					Error synchronising /Users/michaelcohen/xbeam/muncher/project.clj:
					Failed to collect dependencies at lein-ancient:lein-ancient:jar:0.6.15

11:43 AM	Dependency resolution error
					Error synchronising muncher:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT:
					Failed to collect dependencies at amazonica:amazonica:jar:0.3.152


yeah, that seems a like a problem that can cause this kind project/module related issues.


does it work if you execute a lein command on the command line?

Michael Cohen18:07:00

yeah, app runs fine otherwise, lein repl, etc...


hmm… what does the Leiningen tool window look like?


if you cannot find the leiningen tool window or it’s empty, you may have to re-import the project as a leiningen project:


so your project was correctly recognized as of type leiningen... what happens if your hit the refresh button at the top?


i'm just curious to see if it'll cause the same maven errors...

Michael Cohen19:07:52

it does appear to error. it pops open another message in the event log in the bottom right corner. which is strange, because....

Michael Cohen19:07:29

fkin amazonica garbage


yeah, we used it before but quickly switched to cognitect-labs aws-api and never looked back...


one more thing to try is the good ol', ultimate weapon: "Invalidate Caches / Restart"

💯 3

+1 on moving away from amazonica

Michael Cohen22:07:30

FWIW, i had to remove the :local-repo key from project.clj and then Cursive picked everything up just fine


ah... sounds like a bug to me.

Michael Cohen22:07:11

appreciate your time though 🙂


@U015YDZ16AJ Just to make sure I understand, using :local-repo broke the Cursive project resolution, is that right? What did you have that set to?

Michael Cohen06:07:08

@U0567Q30W yep, :local-repo was just set to a directory in the root of the project. all of the jars had already been downloaded there by maven. first i removed amazonica, which was the very first dep in this project, then tried to start a repl, got the same error that the next dep couldn't be resolved. removed that one, got the error again with the new, first dep in project.clj , finally just removed :local-repoand then it resolved everything...


Ok thanks, I’ll check that.


I've got the same error today, in existing project, using deps.edn project. Any solutions?


"Invalidate Caches / Restart" solved my problem.