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Hi 👋 At Commsor, we're looking for a Junior/Mid-level Developer to join our budding engineering team of 3 (making you number 4). Commsor is a startup aiming to serve communities. We help community managers get a grasp on what their community looks like, and the impact it's having. The role is remote, you can work from anywhere. But having a few hours overlap with the existing developers based in UK/Poland would be preferred. We're looking for someone interested in the product they build, understanding why decisions are made, and being involved in making product decisions. You'd be working on both the server (reading/writing data to/from a postgres database, integrating with services like Slack) but also the front-end (adding UIs to connect to services, fixing CSS bugs, etc). The codebase is Clojure(Script). Clojure on the backend, and ClojureScript on the front-end. We have a little bit of legacy JavaScript which we're phasing out (down to 557 loc and dropping). No professional experience with Clojure is required. Being in Clojurians you're already in a self-selecting group of curious people who can self-learn. We'll do our best as a team to mentor you in Clojure. 2 of the existing engineers joined the team with limited Clojure experience. Our team culture is still young, but there's a little we have in place. We avoid working overtime, except for exceptional circumstances. To my knowledge it's not yet happened, and we actively make decisions to avoid it. Work can wait. We spend time making engineering decisions. We provide problem statements first, then follow with solutions. You can send me a message here to get in touch about the job. Please, no recruiters or dev shops, we're looking to work directly with an individual.

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