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Drew Verlee16:07:32

Quick poll. When do you have to search by regex in clojure/clojurescript and why? two examples: • i use clj find in small clojure projects over regex bc its more direct. I cant use it on clojurescript (not supported) • i just discovered cider-find-var (whatever that does) works in clojurescript.


cider-find-var should jump to the definition of the var (e.g. def, defn name) under the cursor, or ask for a var name in the mini-buffer if the cursor is not on a var name. , g g is bound to spacemacs/clj-find-var and will use the CIDER function when the REPL is running and dumb-jump-go without a REPL.


I use , g g - cider-find-var to jump to the definition of a function I am calling (the same key binding is in most language layers in Spacemacs). For everything else I use helm-swoop , SPC s s within the current buffer or spacemacs/helm-project-smart-do-search , SPC / or SPC s p to search across projects.


I just noticed SPC s j (`lazy-helm/spacemacs/helm-jump-in-buffer`) which lists all the vars of the current buffer in a helm pop-up, selecting one jumps to that definition. It works on spec/def and clojure.test/deftest too, although not on spec/fdef (might need to get that added to Cider?)

Drew Verlee19:07:46

a version that lists every function in the current project would probably also be great. But this was useful, thanks @U05254DQM


I am trying out helm-imenu-in-all-buffers which lists all functions, defs and spec defs, grouped by namespace. If all the buffers are open for a project, then you will see all the functions Obviously this brings in all the namespaces from all the buffers, so you get far more that you may want, but its in a helm popup and will narrow function names. Not quite there, but another useful tool.


SPC s j (also SPC j i) is fantastic.