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David Pham08:07:59

Will there be some sort of Conj this year?


@neo2551 I thought I'd seen a comment somewhere that it was going to have to be virtual this year...

David Pham11:07:05

That would be cool. I would love to meet everyone in a big meeting haha. It would be my first conj


I tried search in Zulip for mentions of Conj but didn't turn anything up so I may be imagining things. I can't imagine any conferences being in-person this year tho'... It'll be interesting to see how people price virtual versions of conferences... some events are happening for free in a much more stripped down version, some are relatively low cost and keeping close to the their normal format...

Vincent Cantin12:07:44

In Taiwan, the COSCUP conference will still hold, people will meet in person as usual.


Taiwan seems to have done a good job keeping the virus under control -- only 450 total cases I think, and only half a dozen fatalities? But it is an island, which helps. If it has an influx of overseas visitors, that might cause a spike...

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:07:00

We have not made any official announcement but there is no way we are doing an in person conj this year

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:07:09

Kim was working on virtual options but her husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack about a month ago. That was a big shock of course and she has been out since.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:07:21

We will probably try to settle on a plan in the next month or two

vishal sharma19:07:14

hi, is there a template for defining system architecture. i have an assignment to be completed in next 12 hours, i know the architecture, if there was a template it could be helpful.


I think what amazes me the most is just how many people are reported to have actually sent btc to that account...

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According to some of the details posted on Twitter, it seems that a Twitter employee's email account was compromised initially, and that employee had some level of admin access to customer accounts, and that's how the tweets got sent and pinned to those customer accounts.


(I will cynically confess to having zero sympathy for any btc users that fell for the scam -- I have a very low opinion of all these crypto currencies and their supporters)

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For a moment they stopped any Blue Check account from posting while they fixed it.


For several hours -- a long moment 🙂


And that seems to have been simply because they couldn't figure out what had been compromised -- and that cut off important government weather services during a time of tornado warnings, as well as the "big names".

Vincent Cantin07:07:02

The scam's message is hilarious


what is more important than to ridicule fellow human beings is to question why Twitter even has such a feature for internal users that allows them to post in the name of world leaders?


That scam also looked (to me) identical to one perpetrated in Elon Musk’s name (had me fooled for awhile, until I researched it) around the time of the SpaceX launch, I think it was. If it was the same basic scam (not sure of the Bitcoin wallet id being the same), they sure took it to the next level by somehow hacking in to actually post AS Musk, Obama, Biden, Ye, and various others.

Vincent Cantin16:07:49

@U0VQ4N5EE because no tests are more truthful than the ones running on prod servers.


I am not sure I get that.

Vincent Cantin16:07:51

that was sarcasm, a joke.


That part was clear : )


I realized it must be a joke.


Who are we laughing at though?