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@lucio @ikitommi I updated the demo app with the new composable transformers fix!/basics


so now we have an example of keyword maps, validated by Malli but also transformed to string keys for Fork inputs


works great!

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added the path->schema as malli.util/path-schemas, I think that is useful in things like generating forms from malli Schemas: you get an ordered list of value paths and the corresponding subschemas: 1. you can validate whole schema on blur / submitting 2. you can push subschema validation to components, faster local validation on keypress works for all basic clojure data structures, also for nested sequences (via :malli.core/in marker in path)


This sounds like it might help with something I've been pondering while working on! Still working out some of the state structure / data validation / conformance stuff before I go hard on nailing down all the component types


Trying to do minimal redraws and making sense of reagent cursors + malli trees


e.g. just iterate the map entries and emit form components


that’s an interesting idea. this could also be used with Fork to generate forms. might have to try that 🙂


how far we’ve come from multi-tenant validation!