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I was thinking about some domains and is available 👀 as long as none of you wonderful people snipe it from under me 😛

Olical09:07:25 And then this whole section is just great


Would be great to have curl -fL | bash in the readme 😅


(;q=conjure where I've been having a look, hover is my registrar of choice)


is cool 🙂


functional and conjure!


I use google domains as my registrar


Yeah, I was thinking that was a front runner too, especially since I'm trying to bring interactivity and fun to what is essentially ascii characters flying between your brain and a computer.


It also brings to mind conjuring fun :)


commit 4dee7c5e31f8a189eea49c3499e4dc89f8ff2aa9 (HEAD -> develop, origin/develop)
Author: Oliver Caldwell <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Jul 15 13:04:32 2020 +0100

    relative_file_root is now a top level option
    It works for eval as well as go to def!

commit 598ef1fba191bf59bff861e0995eae3387152c73
Author: Oliver Caldwell <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Jul 15 12:55:06 2020 +0100

    Remove conjure.api: 

commit 58111f460a7d97938dadc0f5574e882d5119ca14
Author: Oliver Caldwell <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Jul 15 12:50:35 2020 +0100

    Simplify relative file root, disable by default
    You now turn it on by setting relative_file_root, it's not useful in the
    general sense by default. It's something you opt into when you need it
    since the default of absolute paths is good enough for almost
    I had more people needing to turn it off than turn it on.
Lunch time hacking!


So that mess I added originally around absolute -> relative file resolving is now off by default (you don't need it for normal cases, it's an exception), easier to switch on (only one option!) and works for "go to definition".


So if you're REPLed into a docker container that has your project mounted under a different root dir, set let g:conjure#relative_file_root = getcwd() then you'll get file evaluating from disk and go to def working across that FS boundary.


For users that never eval outside of their CWD / environment, your evals should just be exactly the same and always absolute from the root of your FS.


(on develop)


This technique is also great for when your nvim cwd is something like /foo/bar and your JVM cwd is /foo/bar/baz, you can set let g:conjure#relative_file_root = getcwd() . "/baz" and everything should work as expected.


:helpg conjure#relative_file_root for specifics.


Interesting news from Discord: They're rebranding to be more of a generic chat platform rather than gaming specific. I personally love Discord. I still have a distant desire to maybe one day merge all Conjure communications there so all language clients could sit under one roof. No need right now, but might be good if I built a big Racket userbase, for example. Having Clojure and Racket folks in close proximity could be great!


If I was on discord I could even stream / voice chat easily 👀 just a thought. Also, infinite scrollback and much better community control tools.


So far gitter for non-clojure will be enough, gitter is just a little rough in comparison to discord imo.


I created one but won't be using it yet, here's an invite anyway just in case you want to have Lillian hanging out in your Discord server list sidebar 😊 (could have take you there too 👀)


I accidentally went and set up channels, web hooks and roles 😬 I'll also be able to add custom emoji. I highly recommend you give discord a chance if you're sceptical, it's much better than Slack (tech and performance wise) IMHO. I think it's the objectively better platform.


Just started using Conjure (Clojure JVM) and I have really enjoyed using it so far. So yeah, just dropped in to say thanks. :)

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Thank you so much for doing so! 😊

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Added some emoji to the discord 😄


i would purchase all domains now before being taken


you can always not renew next year the ones you don't need


Eh, should be okay, I don't think someone's going to snipe them from under me. Some are kind of pricey, I'll choose soon anyway 🙂


I'm leaning towards .fun


function, functional, fun, works fairly well.


fun and rocks are nice options

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Hmm, thinking about the go to def and doc lookup mappings :thinking_face: should they be gd and K. I'm less worried about K, I think that's okay, but gd should actually be go to local definition, gD would be global definition. I kinda feel like they could be moved under the v prefix that the Clojure client has. No other client has these tools yet anyway...


The thing that got me onto this was thinking about how I could fall through to nvim's built in gD mapping if the Clojure part fails for any reason.


Now I'm thinking I should just not override those mappings in the first place. Thoughts?


I think <prefix>gd will be better for now, although I know it'll be slightly different muscle memory. It does open up other "go to..." mappings though, such as "go to clojure docs in my browser"


I think K is okay though. It's what it's for and it won't do anything otherwise.


I personally don't like conjure overwriting my default gd and K , so I do this:


Yeah, I'm slowly moving towards this thinking. What do you use K for when this is remapped though? Does it just man?


K is for coc.nvim lsp stuff


but I'm moving towards using locallead more and more, so depending of each file type I have a combo for that, but coc is kinda global I use it with javascript, rust, haskell and so on.


Oh interesting!


I'll have a think about maaaybe moving the Conjure doc lookup mapping too then


I'll try it out on develop.