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I use my laptop’s display as secondary. So in front of me I have LCD, ext. keyboard, ext. trackpad & the laptop is in the stand next to it


Good Morning!


Good morning , I use a XPS 13 too provided by work . No external monitor setup . Its not ideal for front end development since I have to alt tab between the browser , the browser inspector and the ide . Regarding the neck issue , I found a couch and pillow setup with plenty of back and neck support 😂 .


does most everyone get neck issues with laptops ? (i'm the other way round.... i find a laptop straight on the desk leads to my neck being in a comfortable position, and a monitor on a stand makes me uncomfortable :man-shrugging:)


I definitely started having issues with neck pain that mostly got away once I got a separate screen on a stand


I get pain either between my shoulder blades, or around my right shoulder blade. My laptop is on top of 6 quite thick books while I'm working from home, and don't have any other screens


the shoulder pain is something that ergonomic keyboards can possibly help? the ones that are split in the middle


I’ve just realised that one like that might be useful for me as well 🙂


Thank you, but I don't think so - sitting up straight, stretching, and getting up from time to time make a big difference


I use split ergo keyboards but dunno if they help with my shoulder pain. It does allow for a more natural relaxed position in general though. For me shoulder/neck/back pain is more to do with monitor position and chair/posture


that was just my theory: that neck is connected with the screen position, and the shoulder pain to the keyboard… but then maybe I’m just looking for an additional excuse to splash $300 on a mechanical keyboard 😆


it definitely could incrementally help along with other measures. And there is always a good reason to get another expensive mechanical keyboard 😀


After a bit of work, my standing posture is pretty good now, but I haven't made much progress on my sitting posture


I guess since you are always looking down when using a laptop your head is tilted slightly forward straining the neck if that position kept for a prolonged period of time . If you are looking straight at your eye level , your head is resting on your shoulder . I keep switching between sitting , standing and laying on the couch flat with some cushions to adjust . Seems to work best for me . No pain at the end of the day . Also exercise in the evening seems to help a lot


At work, we got a bunch of standing desks in - the ones that move up and down. It's fun. I'm going to see if I can get it home with me 🙂


However, the "novelty" wears off, and it's tiring standing all day...

Ben Hammond08:07:58

isn't that why they move ?


I've heard that standing at a desk all day isn't much better than sitting, but that switching between the two is better


Indeed. They move 🙂 But the fasination of being able to stand and then sit, for us, didn't last. I guess we're all (in our office anyway) systematically lazy and after a while, I noticed that nearly everyone was sitting during the day, and no-one was going up...and down....and up....and down 🙂

Ben Hammond08:07:47

heh. perhaps there's of productivity software that you need to write

Ben Hammond08:07:11

that automatically adjusts the desk when it feels that you are getting too comfortable


I imagine a few raspberry pi's, hooked into the drive system with a forced raise and lower initiated at times during the day would help...take the human factor out of the equation.

Ben Hammond08:07:01

if its an entire office then they could orchestrate a Mexican Wave


that would be fun!


or, if the CEO comes into the office, the desks all rise up to salute his entrance, quasi-forcing us to rise and stand for his gracious appearance too...

Ben Hammond08:07:23

or if you broke the build, your desk could rise and eject you


this is getting interesting...the possibilities....


My own usage was this, I would come into the office (after walking to work) and I would raise the desk. Since I was "active" then having time to spend catching up on emails, browsing some tech articles and settling in and having the desk "up" helps a lot...then as the morning, day wore on, the desk would be lowered and I would sit for the rest of the day...


That worked for me. In terms of monitors, having the monitors at eye level, with natural head inclination was good, I admit.


The Jarvis that I have uses an RJ45 (ethernet) to control the height of the desk. I plan to try and intercept the communications at some point to see if I can do exactly as suggested, automate the sit/stand switch every 45m


Also forgot to mention, I found using a birkenstock type footwear while standing to be very comfortable since the footwear eventually contours to your feet shape.

Adrian Smith13:07:04

G'morning (somewhere?)


it's always morning in UGT @sfyire!