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Hey guys, another newb question, how can I continue using my REPL (in Cursive) while I have the debugger stopped at a breakpoint, or would I need to start a second repl process? (Directly in the terminal?)


So, it looks like right now the closest I can get to that is using the Evaluate in the debugger. The problem I am having at the moment is that when I tried using a (require) so that I could all a function I got a CompilerException on not being able to use :all.


eh, managed to get it to work by not using the require.


Yeah, currently that’s the best you can do - I’d like to be able to use that transparently behind the scenes when the debugger is paused, but I haven’t got to that yet.


Is there a way to use (requires) to simplify function calls?


(thank you for being so active in this slack)


You can use the same completion functionality for namespace aliases and classes as is documented here:


They’re stored temporarily for the expression you’re evaluating, so you can write (str/tr|) and autocomplete will offer trim in clojure.string as str, and then you can use that.


ok, I'll give that a try.


Can't help but wonder ... what would it take to add Joker support to Cursive?


Principally, more people asking for it. Technically there’s not much to it probably (since IIRC it has no interop) but there’s a lot around the edges, things like running processes and so on.


A few months ago someone suggested that I try using tubular and connect to Joker's socket REPL. I set up a remote REPL in Cursive, and this almost worked, I was able to execute code in the REPL, but the moment I ran evaluate expression in REPL from the editor, I ran into an issue. I'll dig up more information if it's valuable to you, but I believe Cursive is sending more stuff than just the s-expression to the REPL so Joker wasn't able to evaluate.


@U0JAE119P Ah, I know what you mean. Yes, just being able to turn that off would probably help a lot.


And is an easy fix.


Yeah that'd give me the awesomeness of editing Joker scripts with Cursive (and all my slurp/barf bindings) while keeping my "send to REPL" workflow. If it makes it to the next EAP I'll give it a shot!

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Does Cursive respect CLJ_CONFIG env var?


I suspect not, although I’m not sure.


Tested it with a EnvFile and that definitely doesn't work.


Is there a way to set the config directory for clojure?


It looks like you're able to set the user deps.edn if you click on "use tools.deps directly"


Right, that’s mostly because when using t.d.a as a lib you have to supply all the deps.edn files programmatically, i.e. it has no concept of system/user/project deps file


I’ll have to check where that env var is used.


Could you file an issue with what you’d like to see, so it doesn’t get lost?