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they have some info on how to handle the errors, Pathom will avoid breaking the whole parser as most as it can, so partial failures can be handled, so you have to handle the errors as part of a regular response


the other error mechanism in fulcro is intended for hard failures (like network failures)


I have read that a few times @wilkerlucio and am trying to figure out how to get that pathom reader error out of the pm response ( i will keep rereading that ) and I think it makes sense to not throw network error for every little failure in pathom ( that would be tedious ) , but in this case without that error I will never hit the fulcro ( error-action <<< ) condition


I am fine with handling the error in the (ok-action ) condition of the pm mutation but i just don't know how to get that error ( I put a nice message when I threw the error in the transaction )


ok, maybe whats missing is how to proper expose the errors, by default pathom just spits the error string, but you can override that with ::p/process-error


let me check, I'm not sure if that's properly documented


basically fulcro expects an specific key to determine a mutation repsonse was an error, you can use your custom fn in ::p/process-error to provide it


gotcha Wilker .. I will go with that .. thanks alot for taking time to show