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Lennart Buit13:07:55

I was looking at lacinias error attaching. I noticed that the spec suggests that if an error occurs within a collection, that the :path key of the error contains an index of the offending object in that collection. For example here: That appears to be not the case in Lacinia. Am I missing something here? / Is this something you consider a bug? / If you do, is this something you consider accepting PRs on?

Lennart Buit13:07:24

humm, I am finding some code that is adding this index, but so far no real luck at really finding this index in the result

Lennart Buit14:07:44

I think I found a bug here, where a function attempts to include this index in the result, but fails to do so because this index is appended in the wrong key. This however means that some tests were written with the wrong assumption.


Thanks! I'll be looking into this.

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