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@alexyakushev Did you manage to figure out the problem? I’m also on Mojave, but haven’t experienced this problem. I do recall there was some issue with eldoc lookup in one of the recent cider-nrepl/orchard snapshots (which we supposedly fixed).


@bozhidar It didn't hang again yet, but I don't really know how to figure it out. It's not easily reproducible, nor there's a way to understand what's going on once it freezes.


Ah, my favourite kind of bugs. 😄


i'm getting this error when I try to cider-jack-in-cljs to a newly created figwheel-main template:


My guess is that you have a space in a Clojure keyword between the : and the name, somewhere in the code of the project you are running the REPL from. Or just a rogue : character somewhere in the code


anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


When jack-in starts the nREPL process and connects to it, how does it handle waiting for the process to actually be started? Does it just try to connect until it doesn’t get Connection Refused?


I assume it doesn’t use the nREPL ack functionality since that requires an nREPL server, and I’m assuming (but prepared to be surprised) that no-one has ported that to elisp yet 🙂


@cfleming jack-in runs nrepl-start-server-process [1] which starts a nrepl server. The output is monitored via nrepl-server-filter [2] for the port message ("nREPL server started on port \\([0-9]+\\)"). Once the port is found nrepl-start-server-process calls a callback wich then connects the client. [1] [2]


And "process filters" (scanning through stdout / stderr of a process by piping it in a buffer and calling an elisp function when the output changes) are a feature of emacs.


@robert.krahn_clojuria Ah, thanks - that makes sense.


same guy, different accounts by accident... 😉