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How can I group the buffers by which frame is used when open it. cause when deal with both frontend and backend code, some buffer may have very similar name, like utils.clj/utils.cljs. I want use two frame for frontend/backound. I checked the perspective, but looks like it did not do this kind work, when I switching buffer it will still list all the buffers. I know there's is a way to do this is using two emacs instances, but I prefer a single instance way, because I have emacs daemon running in the backgronud.


I use "perspectives" for this. Why they don't meet your expectations?


(using spacemacs)


sorry for reply so late. I want a more strict isolation. The reason why I want this is when switching buffers, there are so many similar names.


I don't want see the buffer in other workspaces.


You don't see buffers in other layouts/perspectives. If you are talking about workspaces that's another thing


At least that's how it works in spacemacs when you press SPC l b or SPC b b


> I’m working in a different lisp language called fennel. I’ve started a fennel repl from an inferior shell, is there a way to send forms to it? You can tweak the inferior-lisp defaults and that should work. I also know that Fennel has a proper nREPL server that you can use with monroe (unfortunately CIDER’s nREPL client hardcodes some Clojure assumptions).

eccentric J14:07:33

Awesome! Thanks.