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having upgraded from 2018.3 to 2019.2 then downgraded to 2019.1, I notice that matched-bracket highlighting is semi-broken: it now highlights the correct ) for a (, but if your cursor is to the right of a ) i.e. )| and there's an outer paren immediately after, )|), then it highlights the outer paren's ( not the inner one you're on


2018.3 is still the most stable IntelliJ version to use with Cursive - both the 2019.x releases have serious platform bugs affecting it.


I’m cautiously optimistic that 2019.2.1 will be better.

Lone Ranger15:07:37

Does there happen to be a blog or newsletter of some sort where I can see things like "this is the best version of intellij to use" without having to bother you in the channel @U0567Q30W?


@U3BALC2HH I’ve written about it a bit on the mailing list, although I haven’t sent a summary email of the state of the problems - I should do that.

Lone Ranger17:07:51

no worries, thank ya sir!


The "Resolve foo as..." feature seems to be broken for me. Is that a known issue (possibly related to other symbol resolution issues on 2019.x)?


Broken as in the menu item does not appear at all for me when I press Alt+Enter.


@U4ZDX466T The first thing to check there is that the intention is enabled: Preferences | Editor | Intentions | Clojure


That was it, thanks! I guess I must've accidentally disabled the intention at some point. :thinking_face:


Cursive 1.8.2-2019.2 maven central and .m2 are missing from this list. How to bring them back? (dependency autocomplete on project.clj isn't working)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:07:15

what version of clj do you have installed?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:07:08

if not, I would recommend getting latest


Updated, still don't see maven central and .m2. Curious, how do you see it could be related, leiningen and clj?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:07:40

oh, I missed the project.clj part of that question

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:07:49

so, wouldn't be related (my bad!)


It's actually me was confused. You are right, this could be a problem related to clj as well

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:07:10

similar problem could occur with a relatively recent clj

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:07:13

I don't think you should expect to see .m2 there - that's the local cache, not a "repo" (unless that's something cursive integrates together)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:07:48

I don't know enough about the middle bits to suggest anything on central


@tap Does refreshing your lein project manually help?


No, it doesn't help.


I think .m2 did appear there previously as an option you could update the indexes for, but it doesn’t seem to now - that may have changed in recent IntelliJ versions.


Ok, so, getting a little more into this clojure project, and he's using the clojure.test framework for the actual running of the program (it is a testing tool, so it isn't as weird as it sounds). Does Cursive support running deftest functions outside of the leiningen generated test folder?


Yes, I think that should work.


ok, I'll keep playing around with it. Will it still use the (ns user) of the repl?


(if I get any terms or expressions wrong, let me know, I'm still pretty new to Clojure too. Cursive is helping make the transition much easier)


Great, glad it’s helping! Making Clojure more accessible is a major goal.


If you run tests in the REPL, they’ll be run in the ns they come from in the source, not the current REPL ns.


Ok, thanks, that was a very helpful read.


So, I tried running (require my.nested.file.ns) in the repl so that I could do my function calls and got this: UnsupportedOperationException nth not supported on this type: Class clojure.lang.RT.nthFrom (


nvm, I am just good at making syntax errors.


I'm trying to run the unit test in my src folder and there is no option to run the test where the cursor is.


When I tried to run all tests in the NS I got ArityExceptions @U0567Q30W. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug/missing feature?


nvm. The original author wrote this testing framework to use the same macro names as clojure.test but they are actually part of the utils of this project. Sorry to have wasted your time.


Is there a way to change the syntax highlighting for macros so that I (as a learner) can more easily differentiate them from functions?


Hey guys, I'm suddenly getting cursive Error running 'REPL': '11' is bad configured when I try to run my REPL debugger. Not sure what's wrong? I tried deleting and comparing against another one in a different project that's working and I have no idea what's wrong.


Sorry, this is a terrible message that comes back from IntelliJ. It’s referring to your SDK (i.e. the JDK you’re using).


ah, ok, thanks, I'll check that it is set properly


Usually the easiest fix is just to recreate it (File->Project Structure)


That did it! Thanks. Not sure how I lost my jdk 11, but w/e.


(I looked, and my other project which uses open jdk 8 also has a bad ref to 11, but oh well)