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@cfleming when I rolled back from 2019.x to 2018.2, I noticed lack of frustration with keywords autosuggest. I realized it got rolled back to case-insensitive. was it change in cursive or IDEA from case insensitive to sensitive? I vote for making it case-insensitive again, as in 2018.x. This makes it waaay easier to search for camelCase ones imposed on you, given that camelCase in clojure is pretty rare, and switching back and forth from it is a noticeable friction (breaks my flow™ 9/10 times):


@U051HUZLD I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything there, but I’ll check.


especially then names you have to deal with are this bad:


in 2019.x I had to remember which is collapsed and which is Collapsed.

Mark Addleman16:07:21

I'm finally playing with REBL and Cursive. I can send individual top level forms to REBL without a problem but when I try to evaluate an entire file, the Cursive repl reports a socket closed exception and the repl process (include REBL) shuts down. Is this normal? I am using the latest REBL bits (v 0.9.172) and Clojure 2019.2.


How are you starting your REPL?


I’ve been using clojure.main, and I set up my Cursive REPL config to run the alias rebl (from and loading the entire file work for me.

Mark Addleman03:07:20

I'll try starting REBL from the repl manually


Yeah, those should be fine. Maybe try putting intellij back one version, there have bren different issues getting it to work with Cursive so maybe you discovered a new one.

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