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Thanks @cfleming for Cursive and great documentation and support. I had one issue and I emailed my observation to @cfleming - he replied to my email the first thing on Monday morning - and resolved my issue. My issue actually turned out to be that I had not read the Cursive manual properly - I would have found the answer to my problem there if I only had read it more thoroughly. So, I decided to read the Cursive user documentation from beginning till the end. And I found other great stuff also! E.g. I didn't know that you can create new commands in IntelliJ IDEA / Cursive and assign hot keys to them. I immediately created new command "Reset" and in the "Execute command" I gave the Clojure expression:

(do (require 'mydev) (mydev/reset))
... and then assigned hot key <shift>-<ctrl>-L to it. => Now I can stop all states of my application, refresh all namespaces and start all states again anywhere in any editor windows without leaving my fingers from the default keyboard positions. Cursive is so great!


Extend / Shrink selection => I assigned hot keys: <shift>-<ctrl>-I / <shift>-<ctrl>-O ...and my Clojure editing suddenly became even quicker. Damn, I should have read this documentation sooner. 🙂


@kari.marttila It’s not even very up to date - I’m working on an update to get it into shape 🙂