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Trying out Vivaldi atm. So far so good!

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Ben Hammond10:05:19

what do you data-sciency types think about Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy work reading?


Thanks for the heads up, I bought the book last night (kindle for 1.99)

Ben Hammond10:05:37

is going cheap on Amazon at the moment


@ben.hammond yep, worth reading. She knows what she's on about

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It’s a good book. “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” is worth a look too. Going to pick up “Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” next month.

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Yes, it's good. I used to listen to Cathy O'Neil quite a lot on the Slate Money podcast, and I got to meet her at a conference once


BTW if anyone is 'oop North' (but not too far north, i.e. you're in Manchester) next Monday, @alex.lynham is running a Clojurescript workshop


I've ended up yak shaving a fair bit around shadow and what's interesting is that in the last 9 mths we've got from basically only one easy way to do this to like, lots. Which is nice, but doesn't help me suggest the best option of th bunch picard-facepalm

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Nice to have options though!


Deff have to try and get to that


New job yay! But not doing Clojure any more boo 😞

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What do people do here, to "inject" the doc into each namespace whilst in the repl? As a newbie to clojure, i often want to do a (doc) on a function, but if I switch namespace that doc isn't available, I have to (use 'clojure.repl) to bring it in.


I see a project that is called vinyasa, but it resolves to a dead link


(or rather the site no longer is available)


depending on the type of REPL you use of course. but instead of (doc some-fn) I usually just jump to definition. that gives me the documentation and also a peek into the source. an ultimate resource to learn from library devs and the core team. very valuable insight if I need it apart from the doc


not really answering your question just realised, sorry


I'm using standard "lein repl"


This may be wildly off topic, but I thought I would ask anyway... Does anyone in here have any experience with Unidata LDM -> ???


sometimes I use clojure repl


well, you need some kind of tooling for this to work. either cider, or something similar in vim. snoe’s clojure-lsp server can do this out of the box for vim i think


you don’t even need a REPL for it


Rebel has a key binding for docs I think, but I don't think there's a trick to it that isn't gross


Or (clojure.repl/doc something), that's all the tooling will do. You could maybe somehow alias clojure.core/doc to clojure.repl/doc but that's probably not a good idea 😅 (sorry, should've replied with a thread or something @dharrigan)

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I appreciate it