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Why so people people use slack threads in this community? I've found them way better in order to keep communication more organized, focused and easier to skim; not polluting the main channel with many different interleaving messages...


If chats are busy, threads are great. If chats are slow, replying in the main channel is fine.


I'm a big advocate of threads (when things are busy) but a lot of people hate them 😞


Yeah, I hated them too at the beginning but now I feel they are superior in most situations. Of course, hard to tell people what they should use - just wondering if using threads more could make this slack a better place 🙂.

Ivan Koz06:05:00

well its mostly UI i don't like about them, if threads was opened as a temporary channel or some kind of a tab, that would be much better. Sliding side panel that covers 70% of my main chat? No thank you!

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The slack ui just isn't a good fit for threads


I have to move my mouse to reply to a thread, but I can just type to reply in the main channel. Similar complaints on mobile.

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I agree it isn't the best experience at all. But it's still possible with the desktop client and keyboard: - use Tab to navigate to the Start a thread button and then Enter - or use F6 and keys to select the relevant message, press -> and then use Tabs to switch focus to the input box. There might be an easier way to do it, though.


I can't see that button to tab to


It's the "bubble" - the same one you click with mouse.


I didn't manage to be able to tab focus that


I didn't know about F6 (and then shift-tab to navigate back through the sidebar to the actual messages -- so it really depends what you already have open).


(maybe I don't need F6? Just tab and shift-tab to navigate through the UI? Anyways, it is possible, at least on Windows, but it is a bit painful -- Zulip's keyboard navigation is a lot easier)


Yes, just tab/shift-tab may be enough - not saying it's not complicated since you have to press it quite a few times and still do enter, but it's possible.