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Has anyone had experience using Stan with Clojure? With this library or otherwise?


I think clj-stan works by using the command line Stan executable. When I use Stan, I reach for R packages like rstan, rstanarm, brms, or rethinking rather than Clojure. Mainly because it is used and more mature. I do think clj-stan likely works well but may require more intimate knowledge of the Stan language than from R (or Python)


Thanks, yeah I think you’re right


For others less familiar with Stan, these R libraries go a fair way to write the Stan language code for you, making optimizations along the way, as opposed to simply evaling the stan language code (like evaling Vega language for plots). Along those lines, I imagine sooner or later helper libraries or functions that help write common Vega might be underway...


Anyone in here got any experience with the Unidata LDM system? ->


I need to figure out how much of an up-side there is to provisioning a box to run it in order to receive data from NCEP (if they approve my request), as I can just run (s)FTP instead...