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Hi all, Calva, the Clojure IDE for vscode is getting ready for the release of Calva-2.0.0. The prebuilt binaries are available here: If you use vscode and could take this for a spin, it would be much appreciated. Feedback welcome in #calva-dev

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metosin/reitit "0.3.2" is out, with the following changes: * Closed-spec validation of route-data * Sieppari-style interceptors work now with reitit-pedestal * Spec coercion enhancements (via spec-tools) * Better ring request/response diffing * Support for html5 links inside Shadow DOM * New guides & examples ported from react-router big thanks to all contributors!

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Hi everyone. I want to show you early version of new project I'm working on. Technically it's a tool that parses markdown files and evaluates embedded Clojure code (computational markdown). Use case wise - it was made to keep personal wikis and journals. Tools is called Montaigne and and I was able to generate my personal site from it ( Very early days for this product but I would love to hear any feedback from people

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Hey folks, I’ve just made a post about a project “Beunto” that I’ve been working on that is made with Clojure and Clojurescript It has also been posted on HN, but doesn’t seem to be getting much traction. Check it out, thanks.

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Noah Bogart20:05:17

I'm getting a blank screen


FYI, the blog post doesn't load for me. Firefox/Linux. Works in Chrome.


ok thanks, yeah it’s only been tested on osx so, ill check into that

Noah Bogart20:05:11

I'm using Firefox on a mac too


Can’t scroll on mobile


Got scroll working and then it got stuck on scrolling

Lennart Buit20:05:20

You seem to be after a sticky header, there are easier ways to do that. Here’s an example using css flexbox:

Lennart Buit20:05:27

(Using javascript/clojurescript/… to draw scroll bars is usually a bad idea)

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Lennart Buit20:05:38

(unsolicited feedback, but I hope it helps!)


ok firefox is fixed, (took out the google font link)


Yeah I knew the scrollbars would be controversial. I think they just need some kinks worked out, but also maybe make them optional via settings

Lennart Buit21:05:54

Hehe, drawing scrollbars yourself is just very hard. There is so much to do “right”, having a smooth scroll, handling keyboard events, handling touch events, correct length of the bar thingie, kinetic scrolling … you name it. Way too much work if you ask me, so I prefer to keep that task for browsers 🙂

Lennart Buit21:05:43

not to say that you can’t make a perfect scrollbar, browsers are just ridiculously good at it


some of browsers (FF) have limitations/bugs for thematics/customization of scrollbars. These are logged bugs with no workarounds (at least when I made them 🙂

Lennart Buit21:05:58

if theming is your concern, you are right, the web is not yet there. I am just muttering about scrollbar UX 🙂


I think you should not mess with scrollbars


everyone here is talking about something other than your contribution


because they can't read it 🙂


you can’t read it? Honestly I’m not having any trouble with the scrollbars that would prevent reading it.


sending you a screenshot


first fold is ok, but can't scroll


that’s strange, i’m using 3 different browsers, on OSX right now. Looks just the same but I have no issue scrolling. hmmm.


ahh you’re on mobile, it’s probably not detecting mobile view correctly.

Lennart Buit21:05:37

You can ask safari to behave like iOS


> You can ask safari to behave like iOS Is that an extension? I’ve been using chrome dev tools for mobile devices, but obviously that’s not enough

Lennart Buit05:05:13

Nah, you need to enable the developer menu

Jimmy Miller14:05:49

Yeah, I'm sure there is some interesting stuff here, but the scroll thing makes it really frustrating to read. Even if it scrolls it stutters and jumps around. (Firefox macOS)

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